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Special Belts for Spinning & Weaving Mills
Special Belts for Paper
& Board Mills
Imported Timing Belts
PU Ropes & V Belts
Rubber Conveyor Belts
Nylon Sandwitch Belts
PVC, PU Conveyor Belts
& Thread Mill Belts
PVC, PU Special Type Belts (Cleats, Side Walls)
PVC, PU Belt Jointing &
Flexo Alligator Belt Jointing
SS Plastic Slat Band Chain
Mitsuboshi V-Belts
Gates Belts
Conveyor Systems & Material Handling Equipments
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ANABHAM INDUSTRIAL BELTS Started dealing in power transmission belts in the year 1992. Continuously evolving, the company is now a pioneer and a market leader in the supply of all types of imported power transmission and conveyor belts, as well as specialized textiles machinery belts.

Having a wide range of products, the company can cater to any possible power transmission, timing and conveying application ranging from V Belts, Timing belts, Flat belts, PVC & PU Conveyor Belts, These products are imported from World leaders in these segments such as Gates USA, Bando Japan, Mitsuboshi Japan, Contitech German, Opti German, Carlisle USA, Volta USA, Mafdel France, Megadye Italy, Synchroflex & Brecoflex German, Derco Holland, Nitta Japan.
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