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Vulco Power™
Vulco Power
arrow Wrapped V-Belts
arrow Concave Sidewalls ensure uniform pulley contact.
arrow Arched top provides uniform load distribution on the cords.
arrow Flex Weave cover increases flexibility
arrow Z, A, B, C, D, C.
Hi-Power® MN
Hi-Power MN
arrow Raw edge cogged.
arrow Excellent performance / cost ratio.
arrow Suitable for drives requiring smaller pulleys
arrow Durable and maintenance free.
arrow AX, BX, CX
Quad-Power II
Quad-Power II
arrow Raw edge, moulded-notch, narrow section V-belt.
arrow Most powerful V-belt available in the market.
arrow Increased transmission efficiency saving cost and space.
arrow Double Flex-Weave® backing protects from wear especially when back side idlers are used.
arrow XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC
Super HC ® Plus™
Super HC Plus
arrow Raw edge, moulded notch, narrow section V-belt.
arrow 33% longer life.
arrow Dual Printing helps in lowering your inventory cost.
arrow Resistant to oil, heat, ozone end sunlight.
arrow XPZ, XPA, XPB, XPC.
PowerBand® / Predator™
PowerBand Predator
arrow PowerBand® offers a solution for drives where single belts vibrate, turn over or jump off pulleys.
arrow PowerBand® available in multiple starands.
arrow PREDATOR™ - with Aramid fibre tensile cord provides extraordinary strength and durability.
arrow PowerBand® - SPB, SPC, 8V/25J, 9J, 15J, 3VX, 5VX, A, B, C, D.
arrow PREDATOR™ - 3VP, 5VP AND 8VP
arrow Multi ribbed V-belt
arrow Extremely smooth, flexible and coll running.
arrow Woven fabric rib surface ensures wear resistance, quiet running and provides clutching surface
arrow Smaller drive package.
arrow J/PJ, L/PL, M/PM
Multi Speed
arrow Variable speed drives.
arrow Maximum range of speed changes.
arrow Engineered notching increases flexiblility and ensures maximum heat dispersion, considerably decreasing running temperatures.
arrow Exceptionally long belt life.
arrow Both metric and imperial.
Polyflex® JB™
Polyfles JB
arrow Polyurethane V-belts.
arrow Long belt life on small pulleys and compact drives
arrow High performance an smooth running for precision applications.
arrow Greater shaft speeds, in excess of 10000 rpm.
arrow 3M, 5M, 7M, 11M and Joint Bands.
Poly Chain® GT ® Carbon
PolyChan GT Carbon
arrow The worlds best belt drive system.
arrow Out performs roller chain drive.
arrow Higher power rating - 4 times HTD
arrow Optimal choice for high-torque applications.
arrow Extremely quiet and clean, no lubrication required.
arrow 5MGT, 8MGT, 14MGT.
PowerGrip® GT ®3
PowerGrip GT3
arrow Higher loads and positioning accuracy.
arrow Higher capacity: twice HTD power rating.
arrow Long trouble free service.
arrow Smaller, more compact design
arrow Runs on HTD Pulleys.
arrow 2MGT, 3MGT, 5MGT, 8MGT, 14MGT.
PowerGrip® GT/GT2
PowerGrip GT2
arrow Precision drives.
arrow Reduced noise levels.
arrow 50% more power than HTD.
arrow Improved tooth jump resistance & positioning accuracy.
arrow 2MR, 3MR, 5MR, 8MR, 14MR.
PowerGrip® HTD
PowerGrip HTD
arrow High Torque Drives.
arrow 25% improved tooth jump resistance.
arrow Wide range of load capacitires and speed ratios.
arrow High mechanical efficiency with minimised heat buildup.
arrow 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, 20M.
arrow Conventional drives.
arrow Positive slip proof engagement.
arrow Fibre glass tensile cord to provide strength and to eliminate elongation.
arrow Economical and maintenance free operation.
arrow MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH.
Twin Power®
Twin Power
arrow Double and directly opposite teeth.
arrow Transmits 100% load from either side.
arrow High tooth jump resistance.
arrow Extremely quiet, free from lubrication and maintenance.
arrow Available in all synchronous belt types.
Long Length
Long Length
arrow Linear movements and reversal drives.
arrow Fibreglass or steel cord for rubber constructions. Steel cord for polyurethane belts and aramid cord for PolyChain® GT®2 belts.
arrow High positioning accuracy, suitable for applications with repetitive movements.
arrow Available in all types
Gates Mectrol Synchro-Power®
Gates Mectrol Synchro Power
arrow Polyurethane belts.
arrow Steel or Kevlar Tensile member.
arrow Wide range of load capacities and speed ratios.
arrow Minimum elongation and longer service life.
arrow T2, T5, T10, AT5, AT10, DL-T5, DL-T10.
U-507 Sonic Tension Tester
Vulco Power
arrow Now you can get consistent, accurate tension readings without stress, thanks to the GATES Sonic Tension Meter. It measures belt tension by analyzing the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating belt. Simply strum the belt like a guitar string and the meter takes care of the rest.
EZ Align Laser Alignment Tool™
EZ Align Laser Alignment Tool
arrow GATES EZ Align™ - a precision laser alignment device, suitable for all industrial belt drives systems. Simply fix EZ Align™ on the pulleys and match the laser line to the reference line. That's all! With this you can easily eliminate all the pulley misalignment in one go - vertical, horizontal and offset misalignments. GATES EZ Align™ tool uses powerful laser line / technology for maximum angular accuracy on belt drives up to six feet in length.
DriveAlign™ Precision Laser Alignment Device
Drive Align Precision Laser Alignment Device
arrow Quickly identifies the two most common types of pulley misalignment - parellel offset and angular. Simply position the tool within the grooves of a pulley and aim its bright laser beam at an opposite pulley. Any misalignament is instantly visible. This tool is compatible to industrial V-belts drives and most suitable for serpentine belt drives. This lightweight and easy-to-user tool includes special laser enhancement eyeglasses for easier viewing in all light conditions and comes with a high-impact resistance plastic case.
Single & Double Barrel Tension Testers
Single and Double Barrel Tension Testers
arrow This is very simple and efficient handy tool for use with all small V-Belt and synchronous drives, including PowerBand® and Poly Chain® GT® belt drives.
  Maximum deflection force
  Single Barrel Tension Tester : 30 lbs.
Double Barrel Tension Tester : 66 lbs.
Sheave Gauges
Sheave Gauges
arrow Sheave Gauges are, now, a solution to your worry on worn sheaves and damaged belts. A comprehensive tool to maintain the efficiency of the belt drive system, yourself.
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